Ray Bartkus



Ray (Rimvydas) Bartkus (b. 1961) lives in New York for more than twenty years. After he created 50 LTL banknote, now Bartkus cuts dollars and makes collages out of them. In 1986 he graduated graphics in State Art Institute (now Vilnius Academy of Arts). While working as an illustrator in such magazines and newsletters as "Wall Street Journal", "Time", "Newsweek", "Harper's", "The Los Angeles Times", "Boston Globe", "Smart Money", "Business Weekly" he perfectly mastered the mass media nuances. His works have been bought by National Portrait Gallery in Washington, the Lithuanian Art Museum, various private collections in USA, Canada, Lithuania, Germany, France and other countries.


The idea dictates the expression in works of conceptual artist Ray Bartkus. That is why the artist continually surprises with his  techniques diversity. After completing the graphics studies he diclines this sphere of art and strated to use the new one – mass media. According to the artist, it is the clearest and most direct tool of reaching the audience. One of the most important thing in his creativity is relevance of art works. As well as news publications illustrated by Bartkus, his works have to speak and ask, worry of what is currently happening in the world. In his works – not only American news, but also global phenomena. The information which in huge quantities reaches people every day Ray Bartkus concentrates in his works.