Kazys Daugėla

(1912 - 1999)


Kazys Daugėla, an engineer and teacher, became an art photographer documenting life around him in the pre-war Lithuania. After the war, as a refugee, he produced a memorable series about the plight of the Lithuanian displaced people in camps in West Germany. An impressive volume of his photographs "Išeiviai iš Lietuvos“ (refugees from Lithuania), featuring the life of the refugees in post-war Germany. It was published in 1992 in Vilnius. Later Daugėla lived in United States. He continued photographing his countrymen here as well as other subjects worthy of his artistic eye, with a view towards participating in photographic contests and exhibitions.


Jan Bulhak said about Kazys Daugėla: "he thinks while taking pictures". The author‘s photos excite with "spiritual simplicity“. During the war the photographer at Kempten camp recorded work and rest, holidays, studies and sport of exiles. These photos make up an extremely valuable part of the creative legacy. They have historical value and are perhaps the only extensive materials to supplement the documentary of Lithuanian nation's destiny.