Jadvyga Dobkevičiūtė Paukštienė

(1913 - 2005)


The painter, graphic artist Jadvyga Dobkevičiūtė Paukštienė  was born in 1913 in Liepaja. In 1938 she graduated from Kaunas Art School. To further her knowledge in the field of art she went to the Paris Academy (prof. D'Espagnat). In 1937 for the project of a carpet for Lithuanian pavilion at the Paris World Exhibition of Art and Technology she was awarded a gold medal. In 1944 she went to Germany and in 1949 – to the United States. In Lithuanian College of Chicago she taught folk art. He wrote articles on art in the "Friend", "Women". She was a member of the Chicago Lithuanian Artists' Union. Jadvyga Dobkevičiūtė Paukštienė  was honoured LAC Cultural Council Award (2001). The artist died in 2005 in USA.


Jadvyga Dobkevičiūtė Paukštienė’s painting style is impressionistic. She imitates three-dimensional colour effects. In the imagination she conveyed impulsive, often expressionistic mood swing.