Rima Jankauskaitė-Miknevičienė



Rima Jankauskaitė-Miknevičienė was born in 1942 in Grinkiškis. He attended school in Baisogala, where her parents were building a new house. After graduation the artist moved to Vilnius. At first he studied art in a newly opened Pedagogical Faculty. In 1963 together with K. Dereškevičius, A. Kuras, A. Švėgžda and A. Šaltenis was invited to the famous course of Antanas Gudaitis. In 1967 she graduated from the State Art Institute. Since 1971 she began to participate in group exhibitions, workshops, and Baltic triennials. In 1975 she joined the Lithuanian Artists' Union. In 1995 she left for a half-year internship to Vermont study centre. Afterwards, at the end of the year, she moved to New York. She remained in the United States until 2006. Several painters are stored in the National Museum of Lithuania. A number of her works are acquired by Georgian National Museum and private collectors.


Rima Jankauskaite-Miknevičienė‘s works enchant with variety of colours and invites to experience the emotional load conveyed by the artist. Paintings have a sense of incompleteness, variety. According to the artist, her works do not have a solid personal style; it is influenced by occasional emotions, overflowing during inspiration. Particular attention is paid to the colour; black line or contour is rare in her works. Silhouettes of nature and household forms are created only with the help of colour flows. The most important thing in Rima Miknevičienė‘s painting is not a depicted object, but its created atmosphere.