Juozas Mieliulis

(1919 - 2009)


Juozas Mieliulis was born in 1919 in Batakiai, Tauragės county, in the family of six brothers. One brother was killed in the fight against the Soviet invaders, while the others left for the West. During WWII Juozas Mieliulis lived in Germany. In 1947-1950, while studying in Freiburg School of Applied Arts, he became involved in the art world. Later on he continued his studies in the Freiburg Arts Academy. In 1950 Juozas Mieliulis moved to Chicago. In 1953 he studied in a Bachelor's degree program in Dekature James Millikin University. In 1957 he continued his studies in Chicago Institute of Design, where he received his master's degree in art pedagogics. After for several years he was working as a teacher in Chicago high schools and almost did not participate in any exhibitions. Juozas Mieliulis wrote a number of artricles on art issues. He was a member of Lithuanian-American Artists' Association. In 1970-1974 Juozas Mieliulis travelled through Europe. At that time, he studied the art world while visiting museums and studying the architecture of visited cities and towns.


The artist's creation work is characterized by a symbolic - surreal style. Being not only an artist, but also a teacher and an art historian, in his paintings Juozas Mieliulis always addressed issues of aesthetics and space. His work is characterized by narrativity, filled with allegories and surrealistic motives, as if commenting on the mysterious ontologies of life. The latest exhibition of his art (retrospective) was organized in March 2008 in Chicago M. K. Čiurlionis Gallery. After that a large part of the works the artist donated to Lithuania.