Vytas Sakalas (Vytautas Sakalauskas)



Vytautas Sakalas was born in 1951 in Newark, New Jersey. He received an Associate of Arts Degree in Cinema from the Los Angeles City College in 1974 and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Fine Arts from the York College of the City University of New York in 1977.
At present, Vytautas Sakalas lives and works in Tucson, Arizona. He works in a large in home studio ideally situated with a northern exposure facing Tucson's scenic Catalina Mountains. The studio easily holds both his art creations and musical instruments. A serious musician, he actively plays in a band that plays rock, blues and jazz.


Vytautas Sakalas describes his work as "largely abstract, with occasional forays into neo-Cubism, with a Fractal Tranceformationist bent". He paints with exacting detail, sometimes using a magnifying glass to execute precise shapes. He often has several works in a different series of paintings in process at one time. Larger works may be in process for months, even years until he determines it is complete.
At first glance, you may think that works of Vytautas Sakalas are unsigned. He does, in fact, sign his work with great detail on the back of his paintings. He does this so that the signature does not distract the viewer from experiencing his work.