Imantas Selenis



Imantas Selenis (1984 06 28), is a Lithuanian photographer. After studies in law and a career in an international bank he started a new artistic career in London in 2011. Imantas mostly works with photographic medium which became a tool for investigation of the ideas like relations between the city and people, errors within system of objects or city nature. His large-scale photographs appropriate the visual language of advertising – the visuals are clean and the objects are carefully arranged in the pictures, so they would care certain symbolic means the author wants to communicate about. Thus, the photographs for Imantas are more like a visual language expressing his own ideas, rather than a documentation of the environment.


Imantas is published and exhibited internationally, awarded in photo contest, as Gregory Crewdson Uncanny, Photolux or CBRE Urban Photographer of the year, few to mention. His works belong to some private, Red Gallery London and Vogue Italy / Photolux art collections.